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Sue is a creatively designed, clean, and professional template tailored for design agencies and freelancers.

With Sue, you can create your website instantly and quickly promote your design services.

Seamlessly connect it to a domain to use as a standalone website or effortlessly integrate it as a page within your existing Framer website.

Sue Live Preview


  • 3 Pages: Home, Contact us, 404

  • The template includes 3 pages: Home, Contact Us, and a unique 404 page.

  • Re-usable components such as service boxes, process boxes, record boxes, callouts, testimonials, and much more are provided, allowing you to create custom sections.

  • Animated SVG shapes and arrows are included in the template, enabling creative interaction.

  • The template is fully responsive, eliminating the need to rebuild it for different devices.

  • Upon completing your purchase, you will receive a PDF file containing the link to access the template.

A considerable amount of tea was consumed during the creation of this template. While you are welcome to obtain it for free by entering $0 above, if you wish to support my work, kindly consider paying the price of a tea in your local area. 🍵

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